Focusing on What You Can Control: Adding Value through Rebalancing

When it comes to investing, emotion is not your friend. In times of economic crises, emotional reactions can impact and endanger financial decisions (Figure 1). Investors tend to fluctuate between the poles of greed and fear. Right now is a time of heightened fear. The fear about our collective health is real.  We have real control over how we follow personal hygiene, social distancing, and other guidelines. However, the control each of us has on the economy and, by proxy, the stock market is negligible. 

Expert Tips to Help You Save for Your Down Payment

Recently, Redfin asked our advisors to think of creative solutions to help first-time homebuyers save for their down payment. Visit the Redfin blog to hear what our very own advisor Angela Smith, CFP®, had to say as well as tips from other experts. As a bonus, here are two additional tips from our advisors on how to save […]