What History Tells Us About US Presidential Elections and the Market

It’s natural for investors to look for a connection between who wins the White House and which way stocks will go.

Same Old Story

Large and In Charge? Giant Firms atop Market Is Nothing New.

A top-heavy stock market with the largest 10 stocks accounting for over 20% of market capitalization and a marquee technology firm perched at No. 1? This sounds like a description of the current US stock market, dominated by Apple and the other FAANG stocks,1 but it is actually a reference to 1967, when IBM represented a larger portion of the market than Apple at the end of 2019 (5.8% vs. 4.1%).

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Entrepreneurs face many challenges, and perhaps the most difficult of them all is managing growth. One way to keep pushing forward is through building a cohesive team of professionals and experts that can advise you and protect your business from various pitfalls as it grows. By having them onboard, you’re given the freedom to focus […]